Considering studying in Europe?

Considering studying in Europe?

Find out about some of Europe’s most interesting cities and places by solving our quiz and take part in the competition for a chance to win great prizes!

There are 10 tasks ahead of you. In order to solve them, you need to demonstrate your knowledge, ability to search for information, but also speed, as it may be the decisive factor in making the ranking lists!

Every few months we will publish the ranking, in which 50 to 200 people will receive a great set of gifts from UITM!

How about it? Shall we get started?

Quiz is realized as part of the Discover Your Potential project financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange under the Welcome To Poland Programme (2020)

Плануєш навчатись в Європі?

Дізнайся про деякі з найцікавіших міст і місць Європи, відповідаючи на питання нашої вікторини! Візьми участь у конкурсі, та вигравай чудові призи!
Перед тобою 10 завдань. Щоб їх виконати, потрібно продемонструвати свої знання, вміння шукати інформацію, а також швидкість, адже це може бути вирішальним фактором у складанні рейтингових списків!
періодично ми публікуємо рейтинг, у якому від 50 до 200 людей отримують цікавий набір подарунків від УІТМ!

Що ти думаєш про це? Почнемо? 🙂

Вікторина реалізується в рамках проєкту «Відкрий свій потенціал», який фінансується Польським національним агентством з академічних обмінів у рамках програми Welcome To Poland (2020)

Собираетесь учиться в Европе?

Узнайте о самых интересных городах и местах Европы, решив нашу викторину, и примите участие в конкурсе, чтобы получить шанс выиграть отличные призы!
Перед вами 10 заданий. Чтобы решить их, вам необходимо продемонстрировать свои знания, умение искать информацию, а также скорость, ведь именно она может стать решающим фактором при составлении рейтинговых списков!
Каждые несколько месяцев мы будем публиковать рейтинг, в котором от 50 до 200 человек получат отличный набор подарков от УИТМ!

Ну как? Приступим?

Викторина проводится в рамках проекта "Открой свой потенциал", финансируемого Польским национальным агентством академических обменов в рамках программы Welcome To Poland (2020).

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Rules of the competition

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Poland has been a member of the European Union since 2004. What does this mean for us (and for you)? For example, the fact that there are no border controls within the Schengen area, and therefore, when traveling between countries, it is not necessary to obtain a visa. 

But, do you know where Poland is on the map? 🙂 Choose the correct number:

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Poland is a very diverse country! We have mountains, the sea, hundreds of lakes and almost 1000 cities full of attractions! In the following questions, we will introduce you to some selected places.
Now match the cities and towns to the appropriate points on the map:

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Do you like spending time actively? Gather your friends and go to Zakopane. It is the highest located city in Poland, when it comes to altitude. The most popular street in Zakopane is Krupówki. You can see what is going on thanks to the cameras transmitting a live stream of the street: click here

Zakopane is a good starting point for trips to the mountains- the Tatra Mountains. During your stay in this city, you can reach new peaks, watch ski jumping or go rafting on the Dunajec River. There are countless attractions. 

One of the most famous mountains in Tatras is Giewont. What does its shape resemble?


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Long weeknds, for example those where the weekend is extended by a few days due to holidays or days off, are not uncommon in Poland. These weekends are a great opportunity for international students. If you are a fan of Christmas markets, we highly recommend the one in Berlin! Until recently, it was possible to fly to Berlin directly from Rzeszów. We keep our fingers crossed to see this connection return! 🙂

In Germany, the most important team is FC Bayern Munich. What connects this team to Poland?

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UITM consists of two campuses. You can visit them using a virtual walk: Virtual tour

On which campus will you find laboratories such as the Laboratory of Immunology and Allergology, Automations and the Robotics, Nursing Skills Laboratory?

6 / 10

By choosing first-cycle studies at UITM, you can learn not only English! C #, Java, Python- these are other languages you can learn. Which field are we talking about?

7 / 10

By studying at UITM you can join our sports teams! Our teams appear in as many as 21 types of academic sporting competitions. We are proud that our teams have gone on to win various gold and silver medals at the Polish Academic Championships.

What additional physical attractions are located in the Kielnarowa campus?


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If you like UITM more than you expected (and we are sure you will), you can join a special team and help us promote our university in your country! What is the name of the programme in question? Information can be found in the “International’ tab”:

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We are the most international university in the region. Students from many many countries around the world will study with you at our university. How many countries? Check in our presentation and choose the correct answer:

10 / 10

In Poland it is said “money does not bring happiness” - this is true, but it definitely makes enjoying the student life easier! At UITM, students can count on many scholarships, which allow them to gain additional pocket money or study for free. 

Find out more about the scholarships here: Click here

What is the full name of SoL - one of the scholarship programs we offer.

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